Evelyn Wang, C.Ht.

Creating your Future® with Advanced Life Coaching™ & Clinical Hypnotherapy

I’m a Board Certified Specialist in Stress Reduction, Habit Control, Personal Breakthroughs, and Pain Management.

Activate Your Superpowers

Creating Your Future® Coaching

Center for Advanced Life Skills

Unique Certification Training Experiences

It‘s Time to Start Creating Your Future®!

The life-changing skills you’ll discover will benefit you for the rest of your life

“Evelyn is a wizard of transformation...”

Caty Pasternak
Writer / Speaker / Coach

Conquer stress once and for all

You‘ll discover exactly how to have peace of mind anytime you want and get a new lease on life.

Rekindle the relationship with yourself

Watch what happens when you repair the damage from the inside out, and start loving yourself unconditionally.

Easily reach your objectives

Get excited again! Know what you really want and learn how to go after it with everything you’ve got

Replace your habits with better ones

Learn proven methods for shifting your behaviors to more positive, productive ones and see how fast you get results in your life.

Enjoy a life without limits

Clear away the dark clouds of limiting beliefs and negative emotions so you can finally get on with your lfe.

Reclaim your personal power

Harness the power you already possess and use it to its fullest potential. You’ve got this!

Free brainwave entrainment download available!

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