Center for Advanced Life Skills

Jan 8, 2020

After my decades of research, development, and practice in the peak performance, self-development, and holistic health fields, one thing became evident…

A crucial component is missing entirely from most standard educational offerings (often even in the field of psychology). And that is: a practical understanding of the subconscious mind’s power and how to work easily and effectively with it for growth and positive transformation.

In 2012, my passion for sharing the direct experience of this extraordinary knowledge of one’s deep, innermost self with others prompted me to establish the Center for Advanced Life Skills.

Here I teach practical, groundbreaking, and flexible approaches to the art and science of change that work in the real world and respect individuality and free will.

Our trainings are designed for those ready to (1) experience a meaningful shift in their lives, and (2) help others do so as well.

With this in mind, the words “center for advanced life skills” are not only the name of a place, they also represent an action.

© 2019 Jack van Landingham

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