Jun 1, 2018 | Self-Development

Learning How to Trust Your Inner Nature

Self-esteem is not what you have, it’s the capacity of trusting yourself.

Learning how to trust your inner nature, this is the essence of true self-esteem.

We are all influenced by our upbringing. We learned from our parents and some of the things we’ve learned may not be beneficial to us at certain stages of our life. When we set out to do something, if we feel this energetic pull of … “Oh, I don’t know…. what if….?” Often we revert to where we’re most comfortable and avoid certain actions.

A big factor of low self-esteem is seeking approval from others or comparing yourself. This will NOT make you happy.

It’s a big issue in society today, especially social media. We envy or follow people who shower us with their presence of how they look, what they are wearing, what they have and are doing; however, we never will know what is REALLY behind those pictures. What is behind those faces? We fail to see that they, too may have struggles. They are just like everyone else, they are just like you.

One way to build your self-esteem and confidence is to hone your skills. What are your skills? Practice those skills and the more you hone your skills, the more confidence and self-esteem you will have AND the best of all, trust within.

You may be thinking “I don’t know what skills I have”. One way to tap into the skills you already have is to take a moment to get very quiet, breathe and recall something you accomplished. You set out to do something and you succeeded.

Everyone has something. Remember how great you felt when you accomplished this thing. Get all of your feelings involved. Remember what you saw, heard, experienced as if you were really there experiencing it now. As you remember how you felt, it activates a part of your mind which will then help you accomplish more things as you focus on the good feelings created.

Remember, you are unique—just like everyone else.

©2018 Evelyn Wang

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