May 1, 2018 | Hypnosis, NLP

Still Smoking?

Now is your chance to quit once and for all.

This month we have a special day dedicated to becoming FREE of tobacco. The entire world is celebrating!

Like the Great American Smoke Out in November, May has a “World No Tobacco Day” on the 31st, which is great. Once again, we’re highlighting awareness of addictive behaviors.

Smoking is one of the most deadly habits anyone can adopt and also one of the easiest and the most preventative health care risks you have the power to change.

Stop fooling yourself! Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming helps make it easy to quit.

By quitting smoking, chewing or even vaping tobacco, you may increase your life by 14-20 years. Your body will automatically start healing itself, once you stop poisoning yourself with that tobacco poison.

You know what else? You can stop hiding and sneaking around too, and you will be more attractive. These days, smoking or using tobacco products is really unacceptable in society. People look at you with disgust and I know, it’s embarrassing to be indulging in such a destructive habit. You’re too smart for that!

The good news is that hypnosis is the easiest tool to use to quit that behavior once and for all.

If you’re ready to stop smoking or using any kind of tobacco products, or, in fact break any habit, your mind is the greatest weapon you have.

Sometimes clients tell me, they feel like they’re giving up their friend or companion. Let me ask you this: What kind of friend kills 2 out of 3 of its users?

Are you really giving something up? Or, could you be gaining back control of your own life? Think of it this way, every now and then, possibly more often, like a chain or collar around your neck, a cigarette or can of chew, yanks on your chain, which causes you to use tobacco and methodically poison and thus destroy your physical body.

So, what are you really giving up? Answer: Being controlled. You’re too smart for that, aren’t you?

Hypnosis combined with Neuro-Linguistic Programming makes it easy.

Call us today and your tobacco problem is solved. If you’re not ready, just for May 31st, 2018, decide not to use tobacco and just be with your feelings about it. Sometimes shining the light of your awareness into an unconscious behavior is all it takes.

Here’s to your health!

©2018 Evelyn Wang

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